Innovative business enabler – three powerful words sum up our role at Lafargeholcim GDH, key technology partner to LafargeHolcim companies in the Asia Pacific region and Oceania. Since inception in 2006, we’ve been exploring new dimensions of technology and transforming businesses every day. We get businesses up to speed and beyond with our Two-Speed IT model. First - we digitise core business activities with standardise, value-driven applications. Second - we create quick, flexible and insightful customer and market-centric solutions for diverse operating models. We are innovative, we strengthen business and we are the enabler.


Our aim is to be a trusted business partner who understands the ecosystem, innovates and excels to make a difference so that the world builds better. 'Business at the speed of Digital' requires IT functions to transform rapidly. Accordingly, traditional and sequential ways of working of IT need to evolve into agile models. To be a true business partner, the IT function needs to be run like a business and benefit from the levers of scale, diversity and globalization.


Global Digital Hub (GDH) is an initiative geared to globalize and transform the way IT works with the business. The GDH helps our businesses by offering flexible, speedy and insightful solutions, innovations and service to customers, across diverse business operating models in the Asia Pacific Region and Oceania.